Breaking News: Love Never Fails


But love them anyway!

Nurture them with love; it just might be something they’ve never experience before.

Love that says… I love you despite your faults!

It’s called unconditional love and it takes practice!!! Start practicing today.

Hugs and love from me to you. Valarie




We’re all force to make choices in life, both good and bad. Happiness is a state of mind but more importantly it’s a choice. Life will have good, bad and even horrible moments at times but still we have the power to decide how we let it affect us, our love and how  we treat each other. Choices are not always easy or clear but when you make them from a heart of love (thinking about others as well as yourself); you’ll always make the best one!

 Hugs and love from me to you. Valarie


Breaking News: Simple Words


As a writer, I love words but I’ve found that simple words convey the most powerful meanings. ‘I love you’, ‘I hate you’, ‘you’re wonderful’ ‘you’re stupid’, ‘pretty’, ‘ugly’ etc. Choose your words carefully. Say what you mean and mean what you say and don’t say it, if you didn’t mean it….keep it simple!

Hugs and love from me to you. Valarie


This is not what Rosa Parks fought for.

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Consumed by words

fair and lovely, lovely and fair
a magical elixir
selling itself as a boon
to hardfaced queens of misfortune
killing the dark skin
nurturing a whole new white
which is celebrated by men and women alike
no one questions the plight
of little girls, born with a color as dark
as that of the black clouds
pouring rain from their eyes
when they see themselves in mirror
discriminated, neglected by
the society which creates and nourishes
skin whitening brands in its womb
spreading threat to all those
who fail to follow the rule
that is if you’re pale and white
then only you can charm and entice
the men who are blindfolded
and brainwashed into believing
that white is good, black is evil
so all these darkfaced queens,
fueled by the world, go onto hating
the god given gift of beauty that have.

[Fair and lovely is a cream…

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Take 2: Thinking About Being a Self-Employed Writer? — Live to Write – Write to Live

Charlotte Gerber

This is a reworked post from almost exactly a year ago. The question is evergreen and the conversations it started were quite helpful then, as I think they will be now. If you’re on the fence about making the leap to self-employed writer and how to make a living, perhaps something here will help you […]

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Meet my favorite travel companion

Fashion and Lifestyle

Books are uniquely portable magic  
                                                                  – Stephen King 

Traveling is awesome and exhilarating experience. Going to great places and seeing the vastness and wealth of nature never fail to amaze me. Well long distance travel is often boring especially if you do it alone. Travelling alone can be challenging. Spending time with oneself will teach you a lot about yourself. 

I hate sitting idle and while travelling there is ample time to do nothing. Reading is the best option that I love. I generally buy new books before a journey and read them though out the journey. 

Books are my best friend and the best part, reading the book again always reminds me of the trip I read the…

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