CAMILLE STARLINGTON believes in the power of love to heal and transform. Her bright and positive energy is charming. But when she meets her superstar crush—the man of her dreams, Michael Everhart—she realizes he has serious emotional issues. As a child, Michael was kidnapped, abused, and left for dead. But over the years, he found a way to channel his pain through his creativity, which reaches the hearts of thousands of fans. When he accepts an invite to attend a friend’s family reunion, he meets Camille. Her compassionate and caring demeanor draws him in, and he can’t stop thinking about her. Michael focuses on worst-case scenarios and avoids uncomfortable situations by running away. The closer he and Camille become, the more joy and fear set in. Unfortunately, he will have to deal with the past if they are going to have a future. But instead of giving up on Michael, Camille trusts in the power of love and waits for Michael’s heart to respond, knowing that love always trumps fear.


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