Love and Pain

Love and pain goes hand in hand. The more you love and desire the best for others, the more it hurts when you see them struggle, fail and give up. When you truly love someone, your love gives them the power to build you up or tear you down with their words, deeds and actions.  Loving others is not easy and not always appreciated. However, when you love for the right reasons, unconditionally with no expectations and no conditions, your disappointments a far few when love, is not returned. Love doesn’t cost, it’s people who charge!

About Valarielovelight

Hi, my name is Valarie Lovelight. This I call myself as a reminder of what I choose to be everyday towards others, a light of love in action and not just in words. I invite you to read, comment and share on my blog as well. Also, to add something about myself, I'm an author and Minister and love is my calling to share with others.

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