It’s great to have passion in our lives. Passion is one of the things that motivate us to do or to move forward in faith and put everything we have in what we desire. We have passion for the people and things we love and passion gives life to our emotions. When we are passionate about something, we show it through our actions and words.

However, passion is at times confused with love and we rush into things because our emotions tell us this is right. This type of passion is selfish, needed and irrational. We take little things a build our world around it. Passion can cause us to miss read a situation or people. Lead us to do things that we know are not right. Moreover, passion unchecked can lead us on an emotional roller coaster where we crash and even burn as a result.

Our passions can at times get us in trouble if we don’t have control over our emotions and how we display them. The more we love, the more passion we show good or bad. Passion can be healthy or destructive and consuming.

Unless or passions are grounded and rooted in a selfless love, God’s love, it will fizzle out leaving smoldering embers that only reminds us of what we’ve lost. It’s good to be passionate but make sure your passions benefit more than you and are not based purely on emotions and feelings. Only passion’s that are wrapped in love can be satisfied.

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About Valarielovelight

Hi, my name is Valarie Lovelight. This I call myself as a reminder of what I choose to be everyday towards others, a light of love in action and not just in words. I invite you to read, comment and share on my blog as well. Also, to add something about myself, I'm an author and Minister and love is my calling to share with others.

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