Life Interrupted!!!



It’s been a while since I posted and/or read any posts. Unfortunately, my life was majorly interrupted by a 3-week hospital stay and surgery (Obstructed Bowel). I’ve only been home since Saturday, March 2, 2013. It took me a while to want to go online since recovering has not been easy or swift. I’m never one to throw in the towel, complain or see things in a negative way. However, this has been a challenge but not to my love walk or faith but to my ability to rise above the situation. I found it hard to see the good through all the physical pain and I was in pain for about 5 days before they would do anything, as they were hoping to not to do surgery (another story). Then pain after surgery because nothing was moving, my bodily functions didn’t start up and couldn’t.

Pain will bring the strongest person, mentally and physically to their knees and wonder Why me! Why not you? Would you rather it be someone else? This is what I heard as I laid there in tears. Of course not, I thought, I would wish this pain on anyone friend or foe. So, for me the question wasn’t why me but how do I get passed this? One day at a time and yes it is getting easier but I have a way to go and will take my time getting there.

I will add this, I had six different roommates and even though I was in my own funk, each one only had wonderful things to say about me to their family and friends. I was even declared by the nurses to be their best and easiest patient on the floor. I’m not quite sure how I managed to pull that off but I will say that, showing love and kindness made me feel better at times probably because it was a distraction for me. Also, there was no need to whine about pain when they had their own; be it physical pain or pain in the butt patients. LOL!

I can’t say I will post again in the next couple of days, but I will come on and read some of the wonderful posts that I have missed. Hugs and Love until next time.

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About Valarielovelight

Hi, my name is Valarie Lovelight. This I call myself as a reminder of what I choose to be everyday towards others, a light of love in action and not just in words. I invite you to read, comment and share on my blog as well. Also, to add something about myself, I'm an author and Minister and love is my calling to share with others.

2 responses to “Life Interrupted!!!”

  1. CactusRose51 (@CactusRose51) says :

    I’m so glad that you are back home Val, we missed you. We’ve been keeping you in our prayers. God bless you sweetie … Love you more …
    … Mary Helen

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