You Matter


How many people yearn to hear someone say you matter! Long to know and hear someone say, you’re loved or I love you. Those words are so foreign now and often times attached to stipulations and conditions. I love you as long as… You matter as long as… Treat people the way you want to be treated is true but, what if you don’t know how you want to be treated. Maybe you’ve been treated bad for so long, that’s all you and so you do treat people the way you have been treated… poorly. Regardless of how someone treats you, treat them better because they may not know there is a difference, especially if everyone around them are the same way. Be different! Show them the way to love. Show them that they matter and are loved! You might just be the first person to do so. Love is and action not a reaction word.

Hugs and love from me to you!

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About Valarielovelight

Hi, my name is Valarie Lovelight. This I call myself as a reminder of what I choose to be everyday towards others, a light of love in action and not just in words. I invite you to read, comment and share on my blog as well. Also, to add something about myself, I'm an author and Minister and love is my calling to share with others.

2 responses to “You Matter”

  1. Rose says :

    Love this, such good advice…

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