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Most of us know that life is busy and most of us don’t have a team to delegate our personal goals to, so I can only imagine how it would be. But this photo doesn’t only represent such a scenario. I believe it represents the minds of myself and many good friends I’ve gained in the realms of art. Our minds not only fail to cease, but we try to process many things in every moment of every day. Is it a blessing or a curse? My answer to that sways back and forth, but cheers to YOU, fellow artists that just never stop creating! One love

Worldiction © 2015
Photographer: Scott Mitchell
Location: Auburn Hills, Michigan

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About Valarielovelight

Hi, my name is Valarie Lovelight. This I call myself as a reminder of what I choose to be everyday towards others, a light of love in action and not just in words. I invite you to read, comment and share on my blog as well. Also, to add something about myself, I'm an author and Minister and love is my calling to share with others.

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