Writer’s Journey


When doing and author interview, one of the questions usually is, ‘ What advice can you share with other authors? What I want to say is, as a new indie author myself, I’m the one who needs help and advice. The truth is, the more I learn about writing and publishing, the more I realize I don’t know and need to find someone who does.

Writing for Self

I’ve had many people suggest what I should write next. How I should market my book. What subjects would grab people’s attention. So many ideas and comments to help me sell and write books. I’m appreciative of the interest and take everything in stride when people feel the need to share their thoughts with me. I often suggest that maybe they should write that kind of book or become a PR person and help people get their books noticed. That’s when I hear, ‘Oh no, it was just a suggestion’, or ‘I’m not a writer!”

I write about what moves me and I’m passionate about, not just to sell books. I suppose I could write a trendy novel but then how good would it really be… Just a thought.


Temporary Disappointment

This past Friday, I found myself feeling disheartened. An author knows or at least should that their story will not be liked be everyone who reads it. Well I received a negative review and it stung! I just stared at the screen asking, “Why did they choose to read my book?” after I looked at the types of books they read in the past. Even though I have received great feedback from people via my email and Facebook, that one hurt. It was like me buying a horror book and complaining that it was too much killing and not enough romance. Still, I eventually moved passed it (wondering occasionally). I’ve tried to get those who have read my book to write an Amazon review (pulling teeth). So, I decided what will be, will be and moved on. Today I received an email saying that my book was nominate, chosen as the book of the day and given an award and badge. A rainbow appeared in my heart and brought a smile to my face as I remembered the many people who have enjoyed my book.

Disappointments will come and words will sting but keep pressing forward with achieving dreams, goals and fulfilling your passions. Don’t let negative words or people distract, discourage or make you question your ability.


Being overwhelmed

Last week was monumental for me. I finally realized why I was frustrated and spinning my wheels (so to speak), I was overwhelmed. Having to do my own marketing, and learning how to blog and working 10-hour days was too much. Therefore, I decided not to jump on the computer after work giving my mind a rest. Only get on when I have a plan or something specific to accomplish (no guessing). I want this process to be enjoyable not burdensome.

As a result, I have more energy and have accomplished more in less time. I will no longer look at my screen with a blank or confusing look. Find your balance before you become overwhelmed, give up and walk away.



I’d like to share one of several things I’ve learned since I first decided to self-publish almost 2 months ago.

1. Be specific with the designs for your cover, banner, website or anything else.

2. If possible research some ideas and ask other authors for some advice before you contract with someone.

I do understand that some authors give designers a hard time. So, with that said, don’t be surprised if a designer you’re working with denies you any further requests for changes when they’re finished with your project. Take it with a grain of salt and keep going. Don’t get side tracked with offense and feel the need to respond negatively. Lastly, keep heading towards your goal.

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