Seeing Through the Eyes of Love

Hello I’m Gary Davidson, and welcome to my page. I invite you into my world and my life to learn about me and some of the challenges I’ve faced. Like most people I’ve experienced some ups and downs even paying heavy price. Join us in discovering the importance of love in the lives of other’s and ourselves.


Hello I’m Ramona Carson and like everyone else, well… I’m not perfect. Sure, I have my flaws but who doesn’t? Everyone has an opinion, I’m just honest and open about mine and I don’t believe in sugar coating it. Anyway… if you want to know more about me— read below and then buy the book. You just might see yourself in me. Hey, I’m just telling the truth.


September 5, 2012

**Excerpt from chapter 1**

     Gary’s eyes slowly opened after another restless night. Just once, he hoped it was a bad dream, but it wasn’t. He was lying on old, filthy, smelly clothes he’d found in a dumpster to make the ground softer and warmer. He turned over on his back and stared at his makeshift cardboard roof, thinking if it had rained, it would have collapsed on top of him. There was a chill in the air signaling the change in seasons as he shivered a little. He lay there, deep in thought. God, how did I get here? He’d asked himself that question so many times before, and the answer was always the same.

A breeze blew around the scent of stale, funky bodies and bodily fluids as the sun was beginning to rise, chasing the darkness away. Something crawled on his neck and he nonchalantly flicked it off without bothering to look. Bugs and other creepy-crawly things were a normal part of the world he lived in. He turned on his side to face the wall as he wrapped his arms around himself to keep warm. God, please help me. Please help us all, he cried to no one.


October 25, 2012

**Excerpt from chapter 2**

“Me too; it’s warm for October, but I’m not complaining—especially after the morning I’ve had,” Ramona said, enjoying the slightly cool breeze and the smell of Chicago-style hotdogs from one of the park vendors taking advantage of the lingering summerlike weather. “I’m not ready for another Chicago winter,” she said, pulling her jacket closed. “I need to start thinking about a warmer climate, say, the islands where there are fewer people causing drama.” Ramona glanced over at Liz just in time to see her doubtful expression. “What—you don’t think I could live in the islands and be happy?”

“No, you’d complain about the heat, the food, and the people taking life too slow. In essence, you’d be the drama.” Liz thought Ramona had an unrelenting tongue of negativity and often found fault with others.

“Complain, me? Not at all. You act like that’s all I do,” she said, wrinkling her nose and twisting her mouth. “Why would I complain?”

“The question is, why you wouldn’t.

**Excerpt from Chapter 2**

Liz was saddened by her friend’s lack of compassion for people. She had very few friends, really acquaintances, because she was always so negative and degrading toward others. There seemed to be very little love in her heart.

“Maybe people should think first, because every thought shouldn’t be spoken,” Liz said, thinking about how she treated the homeless man. “Sometimes our emotions get the best of us or we misdirect our attitude onto others. Stopping to think before you say something is not a bad thing to do.”

“Whatever.” She shrugged. “I meant exactly what I said. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have said it.”

Liz stared in disbelief. “So you’ve never said anything and then later regretted it, or at the very least wished you hadn’t?”

“Of course I have, but it’s too late to take it back.”

“Precisely, this is why you should stop and think before you speak, not after…”

November 18, 2012

Excerpt from Chapter 7

“Gary, how often does Reverend Bobby come out here?”

“He is always out on the streets regardless of the weather. When it’s cold, he finds a building or place in the neighborhood that will allow him to use it for a couple of hours. If not, then he just goes around and finds people and talks or prays with them. Sometimes he has food piled up in his car and gives it out. Even a piece of bread is appreciated when you have nothing, and it might be the only meal you’ll have because it’s too cold to go out or you’re not feeling well.

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