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My Flash Fiction Entry

Devastated  by Author Valarie Lovelight

“After, 8 years of trying, we finally have a child,” Sara smiled, standing by the crib.

Her husband David was gently stroking their 3 month olds hand as he slept and began to weep.

“Honey, why are you crying?”

“Remember when I went to the doctor and had some tests done a couple of weeks ago.”


Sadness and pain filled his eyes, “He said I was sterile.”

Free eBook/ Paperback Promotion Winners


Someone asked me, ‘Do you have stacks of books lying around because you always seem to be giving them away?‘ The answer is… No! Whenever I want to give books away, I just order them.  Giving with no string attached is so foreign now days, anyway, now for the winners!!!

Yay!!! Below are the recipients of the FREE Book Promotion!  I think my post was not clear about liking my Facebook page but none-the-less; if you are interested in receiving a FREE copy of my book, SEEING THROUGH THE EYES OF LOVE,’ send me a mailing address to lovein_action.com. The address will only be used to send the book. I don’t compile any type of list or solicit. If you wanted it on Kindle, let me know by email and I will send a FREE e-copy to you. The book is Christian Fiction. Please let me know either way. Also, you can decline to receive one, I promise to still love you!

Love In Action


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My Free eBook/Paperback Promotion


For the readers out there of Christian Fiction or fiction that challenges how you see people, check out my book ‘Seeing Through the Eyes of Love on Kindle. Today and tomorrow April 6-7th, 2013, it is available for FREE on Kindle. http://www.amazon.com/Seeing-Through-Eyes-Love-ebook/dp/B008544WUM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1365257070&sr=8-1&keywords=Valarie+Lovelight

However, if you don’t have a Kindle and would like paperback, I will mail you a copy for free. NO STRINGS ATTACHED!!! All I asked is that you like my Face Book Fan page, this will help me to keep track of the first 20 people to receive a FREE copy. Click on link below. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Valarie-Lovelight/259476924154732?ref=hl

Note: This book is fiction but not a romance book although there is some in it. Enjoy!

**All information will be used solely for mailing of the book. No list is being compiled for present or future use of contact.