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,th8DDDMF44When thinking about what to give to your children…

Give them roots anchored in love, a puzzle to teach them how to problem solve and wings to soar through the challenges and obstacles on the path of life!

Hugs and Love from me to you,


Nobody’s Child!

Nobody’s Child Nobody’s child is who I be. Nobody cares or even wants me. Alone I sit in this room, Feeling sad, hopeless, and full of gloom, Waiting and hating the end of the day, When no one will come and take me away. Silently I’ll cry deep inside. All my disappointments I’ve learn to […]

Things Change


Gradually I find myself wondering. Things are changing in ways I have yet to understand or even see but feel. My life is about to take a major shift. It’s needed, necessary, scary, uncertain, new, sad and wonderful. Can change be all these things… Yes! I have to embrace it all through the eyes of love. Yes, even the sad because on the other side is joy as long as I cross over and keep it moving. My heart is heavy, my tears wet, my mind is unfocused yet, I see something in the distance. Only time will tell what it is and what part it will play in my life. Things are changing and me along with it!