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The Light of Love

Is in your hands!

What Do You See?

Even though land seems to be in the middle of nowhere, I see a beautiful sky full of clouds with the sun’s light radiating through and between them. The ground to the left has been prepared to yield crops in its season. The field to the right has the potential to produce an abundant harvest as well. But for right now, it’s carpeted by grass and inviting passerby’s to sit, lay back and enjoy the view even picnic. A road well-travelled that says all are welcome! I see openness, potential, beauty, endless possibilities, peace, transformation, inspiration and a beautiful canvas to dream about the future.

What do you see?

Hugs and love from me to you! Valarie

Lonely People

It’s said that some of the loneliest people are in a room full of people but no-one can see their emptiness inside. They feel like they are on a road with no-one and no help in sight.

They smile and laugh but inside they’re crying out for help. Maybe the obstacles they are facing require more strength then they have or, the burden is too heavy for them to bear.

When discouragement and depression comes they can become vulnerable to suicide. Not because they want to die but because they can’t see any other options.

The tunnel becomes real as it offers a light of hope that they can escape the pain and torment. The light promises a new beginning someplace else or at least the end of suffering.

Lonely people can be anyone at any time in any stage of life. Reach out to those you see in need. Take the time to listen to their heart because you may not ever get another chance. Don’t brush aside their concerns because it seems insignificant to you.

Remember, we are all unique. What you can handle, I may not be able to. What you easily brush off may feel like a heavy weight to me. What may seem like no big deal to you is everything to me!

Love is real and powerful. Show more love in your words and actions to those around you starting today. Listen to someone ramblings; you just might help to save their life.

Hugs and Love from me to you! Valarie


Don’t Judge!


There are days when I feel like I’m being judged. I take the path least travelled. I walk where others wouldn’t think twice about going and I purpose to love the unlovable. Am I different, special, bold, brave, daring, fearless, unique or more equipped? NO! I’m just me trying to love others the way God does.

I’ve walked through storms and have been tossed, drenched, cold, hungry, alone, lonely and left to drown but I survived because of LOVE himself seeing me through. The storms have strengthened me and opened my eyes to see others in the midst of their storms and extend a hand of love.

My storms have molded my heart and continually transform me into the love I have received from above!

So, the next time you see me in a storm, encourage me through because it might just be for you! – Valarie

On The Edge


When the trials of life takes you to the edge and you feel like you’re barely holding on, don’t give up!

When you’re barely holding on and another storm hit, don’t give up!

Just when you think you’re about to topple over, don’t give up!

Although the winds of life toss you to and fro, take comfort in the fact that you’ll bend but never break.

You may be on the edge, but if you don’t give up, you’ll see that you are deeply rooted and are able to survive it all.

Then again, you might be on the edge of your past looking out at your future but too scared to let go!

Hugs & Love Valarie

Enjoy Life!


Make time to enjoy life. It may never be more than what it is but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of it! Small changes can make a big difference starting with perception. Instead of saying I can’t, believe that you can.

Love yourself enough to change your situation including the people around you. Be strong enough to say enough! Bold enough to press you way through. Confident enough to know you’re worth it!

Love in action – Show yourself love! Valarie



Merry Christmas!



Let today be more than the giving of gifts. Give what cannot be lost, broken, returned, given away, pushed to the side or devalued. Give the gift of LOVE! When it is genuinely given, joy always follows and leaves a lasting impression in the life of the recipient.

Wishing all a Merry Christmas filled love, joy, peace, kindness, self-control, goodness, gentleness, patience, faithfulness and blessings. Valarie



We need to learn to laugh more and stress less. When situations occur that you cannot change, worry, fear and doubt won’t change them. They will only succeed creating health issues, aging, changing and wearing you…down. All situations are not impossible regardless of what they look like. Remember the challenges you’ve face before, somehow you made it through. I know I did, but that’s another story! Learn to laugh more importantly, learn to love, it makes life not seem so bad.