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What do you See: Searching


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How many times have you found yourself searching the night sky? What were you looking for? Did you find it?

Did you see a glimmer of hope that gave you the strength to endure a little longer? Or, do constantly search the sky for a silver lining.

Questions, questions, questions?

The real questions are, “Where does your faith lie? In whom do you trust? Dreams keep us going and hope encourages us to never give up.”

If we are not careful, we will always find ourselves waiting and longing for something that’s not meant to be while missing out on what is.

Hugs and love from me to you! Valarie

Good Morning


Every morning I wake up, a melody of joy greetings me. By choice of course!!!

How do you choose to wake up despite the obstacles and challenges that await you?

Remember you have control over how you let things affect you.

Hugs and love from me to you! Valarie

What Do You See?


Life doesn’t always have to  be colorful to be beautiful!

Lonely People

It’s said that some of the loneliest people are in a room full of people but no-one can see their emptiness inside. They feel like they are on a road with no-one and no help in sight.

They smile and laugh but inside they’re crying out for help. Maybe the obstacles they are facing require more strength then they have or, the burden is too heavy for them to bear.

When discouragement and depression comes they can become vulnerable to suicide. Not because they want to die but because they can’t see any other options.

The tunnel becomes real as it offers a light of hope that they can escape the pain and torment. The light promises a new beginning someplace else or at least the end of suffering.

Lonely people can be anyone at any time in any stage of life. Reach out to those you see in need. Take the time to listen to their heart because you may not ever get another chance. Don’t brush aside their concerns because it seems insignificant to you.

Remember, we are all unique. What you can handle, I may not be able to. What you easily brush off may feel like a heavy weight to me. What may seem like no big deal to you is everything to me!

Love is real and powerful. Show more love in your words and actions to those around you starting today. Listen to someone ramblings; you just might help to save their life.

Hugs and Love from me to you! Valarie


What Do Your Words Taste Like?


Some words can leave a sour taste in our mouth after we’ve released them. However, some people have learned to live with that sour and bitter taste for far too long! What do your words taste like? If you don’t like the after taste, change it. It’s within your power to do so.



Within your hands is the ability to show and be at peace with others. This peace will not always be welcomed or appreciated, don’t let that stop you. Be at peace with all people whenever possible. Never let anyone still your peace or break it!

Most importantly, be at peace with yourself. Love and Peace goes hand in hand, so next time you extend a hand, raise a hand, wave a hand etc., think of peace. Valarie

Love in action – Peace and love makes a better person.



Life & Personal Growth


As I look at life, my life in particular I find myself wondering about the choices I’ve made and the paths I chosen or wandered on. There have been great times, good times, bad times and times I wish I could do over. When moments like that happens, I feel empty, happy, sad, wonderful, perplexed, content, blue and overjoyed. This emotion kept and keeps me on my toes. Once they used to rule me until I realized that my life experiences both good and bad has shaped my present and shaping my future.

The person I am today is because of what I’ve gone through. The wisdom I’ve gained, the love I’ve shared, disappointments and rejections I’ve felt over the years has molded me into who I am today. My imperfect life both my failures and successes has strengthened my faith and grounded me in reality.

Through the pain, I’ve found joy. In the midst of my trials and setbacks, I’ve developed determination, stamina and faith to keep going until I break though. All these things and many more have ultimately cultivated compassion, patience, understanding and love within me towards others and myself.

I wouldn’t trade all that I’ve gained so far because the lessons were priceless. Perhaps if I could change parts of my life I would. However, since that’s not an option. I now appreciate my life for what it is and always have been a blessing, even in the midst of despair and self-doubt. There is wisdom in learning from the lessons in our lives that will help us in our present and future success, happiness, victories and most important how to truly love.