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Good Morning


Every morning I wake up, a melody of joy greetings me. By choice of course!!!

How do you choose to wake up despite the obstacles and challenges that await you?

Remember you have control over how you let things affect you.

Hugs and love from me to you! Valarie

What Do You See?


Life doesn’t always have to  be colorful to be beautiful!

What Do You See?

Even though land seems to be in the middle of nowhere, I see a beautiful sky full of clouds with the sun’s light radiating through and between them. The ground to the left has been prepared to yield crops in its season. The field to the right has the potential to produce an abundant harvest as well. But for right now, it’s carpeted by grass and inviting passerby’s to sit, lay back and enjoy the view even picnic. A road well-travelled that says all are welcome! I see openness, potential, beauty, endless possibilities, peace, transformation, inspiration and a beautiful canvas to dream about the future.

What do you see?

Hugs and love from me to you! Valarie

Be Happy!

minni mouse

Happiness is a choice! So, laugh more often, apologize without fear and let go of what isn’t working.




Things Change


Gradually I find myself wondering. Things are changing in ways I have yet to understand or even see but feel. My life is about to take a major shift. It’s needed, necessary, scary, uncertain, new, sad and wonderful. Can change be all these things… Yes! I have to embrace it all through the eyes of love. Yes, even the sad because on the other side is joy as long as I cross over and keep it moving. My heart is heavy, my tears wet, my mind is unfocused yet, I see something in the distance. Only time will tell what it is and what part it will play in my life. Things are changing and me along with it!