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Nobody’s Child!

Nobody’s Child Nobody’s child is who I be. Nobody cares or even wants me. Alone I sit in this room, Feeling sad, hopeless, and full of gloom, Waiting and hating the end of the day, When no one will come and take me away. Silently I’ll cry deep inside. All my disappointments I’ve learn to […]

Nothing Left


One desire burns

Memories old returns.

Love found then lost

Dreams achieved at a cost.

Aching back and tired feet

Tossing and turning between the sheets.

Empty frame beside the bed

Echoing thoughts left unsaid.

Gone without a trace

Decisions made can’t be erased.

Love was here and now it’s gone

Not even a picture to hold on.



The Moon


This poem was written the night after the moon was the closet to the earth and could be seen beautifully on June 23.  These words echoed in my heart. Thought I’d share a small part of my writing life. I hope you don’t mind.

The moon

Silver lining shines bright

A second light in the middle of the night.

As loneliness creeps into my silent room

Overshadowing me trying to fill me with gloom.

Another lonely day waiting by the door

Hoping to see your face once more.

To no avail do you come

Still your voice whispers and my heartstrings are strum.

As the moon’s, light touches my face

A memory of you makes my heart race.

Darkness cannot fill the void

Remnants of your love leaves me overjoyed

Until the day we come together, you and I

On wings of light, I’ll fly, into the moon lit sky.

© Valarie Lovelight