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augustine-3    What makes you beautiful are not styles, trends or fashions. It’s not your hair, height, body type or any other imperfection you see. It’s not other peoples thoughts and perceptions of what beauty is. Beauty is what’s contained in your heart. It’s the words spoken in love, genuine care and concern for others. It’s reaching down to help someone up and/or if you’re down, finding the strength and love to still encourage despite what you face. Beauty is not outward but inward. True beauty never fades, it last forever, despite outward appearance.



Don’t let people define who you are by what  they think you should be!


You are not a duplicate and that makes you rare and valuable. You were created by hands of love to fulfill a purpose that only you can! Like the saying goes, “Often Imitated, Never Duplicated“.

It’s All About You!

Every life has meaning whether you see or not! Everyone has a purpose whether they realize or fulfill it! No one is expendable or replaceable there is only one you!

Steps of Love

Every time we bruise or hurt someone, we step out of love. E.W. Kenyon

Imagine yourself on the path of love and as you walk, you stop to hurt someone with your actions. Or, maybe someone said mean words to you and you stopped walking in love to respond back with mean words. How about when someone crosses your path with gossip and you stop to listen and add your own words to the conversation. Words that if that person heard would hurt them and make them mad. Maybe you’ve been wounded or hurt and you decide to retaliate.

These things and more take us out of your love walk. 1 Corinthians 13 says love takes no account of a suffered wrong. It did not say a suffered wrong wouldn’t hurt. Walking in love means not allowing your steps to be halted, detoured or stopped. It’s a choice that we make every day with people. It’s a choice because no matter what someone does we can choose how we will respond to them. The hardest thing to do is not to respond or let it go. Unfortunately, this is not our society or, the way we have learned to respond.

Our choice is to not follow the crowd trends and let society dictate our actions. We may seem to stand alone in choosing to walk in love but why not be a trendsetter! What I’ve found is there are others who want to join in but don’t want to be the only ones. Someone has to step out and walk the path of love. Why not you? Our steps should be filled with unconditional love. The more steps we take the easier it will become…in time. This I know to be true in the step of my love walk. It’s not always easy but worth it.