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Start A New Chapter


Have you started to write a new chapter in your life today? If not, why not?  Was it because the last one didn’t make the best sellers list? Did you have writers block or felt you had nothing to write? Do you believe no-one would read or even care?

Stop focusing on other people when it comes to you and your life. In order to inspire others, you first have to inspire yourself. So, write your story and remember to be true to yourself and make every word count for something. Lastly, don’t let others write your story for you, because they’ll never get it right! Hugs and love from me to you. Valarie

Flash Contest Rating Stars

Thanks to those who have gone to the contest page and liked the story. Just a note of clarity, voting is done by clicking the star rating at the top right of the page. For those who can, please go back and click the stars. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks.

Here is the link again.


Flash Fiction Contest


Hello all, I know I haven’t been posting much but I have been writing. With that said, please click on the link and read my flash fiction (an extremely short scene) read and rate by clicking on the stars at the top right for the contest. FYI, using a fireworks prompt similar to the picture above, I had to create a flash fiction. Let me know what you think. Hugs and love from me to you.


Life Interrupted!!!



It’s been a while since I posted and/or read any posts. Unfortunately, my life was majorly interrupted by a 3-week hospital stay and surgery (Obstructed Bowel). I’ve only been home since Saturday, March 2, 2013. It took me a while to want to go online since recovering has not been easy or swift. I’m never one to throw in the towel, complain or see things in a negative way. However, this has been a challenge but not to my love walk or faith but to my ability to rise above the situation. I found it hard to see the good through all the physical pain and I was in pain for about 5 days before they would do anything, as they were hoping to not to do surgery (another story). Then pain after surgery because nothing was moving, my bodily functions didn’t start up and couldn’t.

Pain will bring the strongest person, mentally and physically to their knees and wonder Why me! Why not you? Would you rather it be someone else? This is what I heard as I laid there in tears. Of course not, I thought, I would wish this pain on anyone friend or foe. So, for me the question wasn’t why me but how do I get passed this? One day at a time and yes it is getting easier but I have a way to go and will take my time getting there.

I will add this, I had six different roommates and even though I was in my own funk, each one only had wonderful things to say about me to their family and friends. I was even declared by the nurses to be their best and easiest patient on the floor. I’m not quite sure how I managed to pull that off but I will say that, showing love and kindness made me feel better at times probably because it was a distraction for me. Also, there was no need to whine about pain when they had their own; be it physical pain or pain in the butt patients. LOL!

I can’t say I will post again in the next couple of days, but I will come on and read some of the wonderful posts that I have missed. Hugs and Love until next time.

The Power of Words

Words can fatally wound those who are already hurt. Choose your words carefully because you never know how much that person has already bled.

These words echoed in my heart and mind all day and it started to ache. I thought about a woman, who I’d never met, never blogged with and never knew she existed. However, I read a blog post that another blogger wrote about a woman who took her life. The post was so simple and powerful with emotions for this woman.

She had experienced what no child/toddler should ever have to from those who are supposed to love and protect her. Year’s abuse stole her innocence, mental stability and self-worth to name a few. She seemed to stumble forward as she tried to find some footing, balance, value in herself and most likely purpose. She tried like most victims to move passed the pain, shame and scars of her life. She was broken in pieces and didn’t know how to fix herself and others who genuinely loved her couldn’t as well.

She reached out online and found support maybe some didn’t understand. They couldn’t see her through the eyes of love, God’s Love. She was in a tunnel, couldn’t see a way out, and at some point stopped trying. There was no value in her, so there was no value in her life and no point in living. She was better off gone, no one would miss her, and those who did, would be better off without her.

Reading the post, I recognized the signs of her torment and the reckless behavior that signified she had given up and it was only a matter of time. It would be, as if she had never been except for those who knew she once existed.

Words can either heal and build or tear down and destroy. It was words of friends, really strangers that crushed what little hope she had and joy she’d found. Words that judged what couldn’t be understood from a spectators view. Words cut and cuts bleed. She had been bleeding for years and words finished her off.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of people like her in the world. We need to be more mindful of our words. We may not agree with what someone does or how they live but we also don’t know or fully understand how they got to that point. Everyone handles circumstances and situations differently and some are stronger than others are physically and emotionally. Sometimes cries for help can only be heard with the heart. Eyes can’t see it and ears can’t hear it. It is a silent cry that screams aloud for love to hear and feel.

Let us love each other in words, actions and positive reactions. Seek to build up those who are struggling. Learn to see them as God did and does, worth dying for in the midst of their faults. Remember, love covers a multitude of sins. So, love and not judge or hate because of what you think you see but really don’t understand. Our responsibility is to love not judge and your opinion is still a form of judgment. Is it yours to offer? Yes, it is. Nevertheless, at some point you will be judged by it.

Let God’s Love shine a light into the darkness for other to see and follow out. Let your words be filled with love or let them remain silent.